Letter to the people of South Africa on Youth Day 16 June 2020

Please watch the video version of this letter here

This letter is addressed to you, our Honourable President, Mr. Cyril Ramaphosa, to your cabinet, to the CEOs and the captains of industry in South Africa – black and white, male and female. And everyone in between. It’s also addressed to you, the workers, the nurses, the teachers, the tellers – also black, white, male, female, and everyone in between. And it’s definitely addressed to you, our educationalists, our Heads of Schools, our education leaders. And it’s addressed to the mothers and daughters that I sat with in Alexander township on Friday. The ones who feel forgotten. It’s addressed to each and every South African. Including myself.

One of the days I felt most ashamed was just a few months ago. Our son, William, climbed into the car when I fetched him from school, and he burst into tears. Sobbing sadness engulfed his body. “Mum, how could you? How could you have lived like that? What did you do?” I knew what he meant, and my body clenched. I felt sick to my core. He had been on a school trip to the Hector Pieterson Museum that morning. At 10 years old, he had been exposed to the horrors of the crimes and inhumanities committed during Apartheid. And his little heart and mind would never be the same. “There, there.” I held him in my arms. “William, I guess we didn’t really realise what was going on. We were very protected from it all. The media didn’t tell us the truth.” “Well, we weren’t protected from anything today. We saw it all. And what did Nanna and Grandpa John do to stop it? What did our family do?” “We did what we could. In fact, Grandpa John’s father, Jimmy Durrant, was Major General of the South African Airforce at the end of the Second World war, and after the war, he lost his job, and his government pension, because he didn’t support the Nationalist government. And Granny June worked for PUTCO buses, our public bus company, as a nurse. She was based in all the townships and introduced occupational health to South African companies. We didn’t agree with what was going on at all. We did what we could. We couldn’t do much.”

But as I said it, I knew it was a lie. And I felt great shame. Our family could have done more. Should have done more. We should have spoken out. We should have marched. We should have boycotted, and we should have fought for change. But we didn’t. We were too busy trying to stay afloat ourselves. My father was trying to put food on the table with a struggling engineering company. My mother was looking after us children. And studying to become a psychologist at 40 years old. They were busy. And they were told it was all “not so bad”. So, we didn’t do enough, none of us whites did. And we can see it now as we look back. And this is why our schools take our children to places like the Hector Pieterson museum – “lest we forget”. So we don’t allow this ever to happen again. Not on our watch. And yet it should be our generation, and our parents’ generation, who should be the ones going to these places – to see what really happened. What happened when our eyes were diverted. When our minds were full of other things. And yes – we were living in a heavily policed state. There was incredible propaganda and censorship. We did not know the truth. And speaking out was scary. We could be thrown in prison. Our businesses and schools could be closed down. We could lose everything. So, we kept our heads down. Focused on what we could control. Stayed out of trouble. Got on with life. Obeyed the rules. We might not have agreed, but we didn’t challenge the system. There was too much at risk. And by staying silent, we allowed these crimes to perpetuate for many, many years.

And now we find ourselves in the same situation. A policed state. Heavy propaganda and censorship. We are told who we can visit. Who we can have in our homes. Where we must sit, stand and what we must wear. Where we can travel. We are experiencing a state of control, just the same as we experienced in the apartheid years. We have seen this movie before. And we have seen the ending too. And it’s not pretty.

But have we not learnt? Is it all just lip service? All that we’re teaching our children? All this going to Apartheid museums, all these conversations? All the lessons we’ve supposedly learned from this time? Do your own research. Just because it’s “the rules” doesn’t mean that it’s right. The state doesn’t always have your best interests at heart. Freedom of speech is essential for a democracy to flourish. Freedom of choice. The state is here to protect our human rights. It’s not the government’s job to protect our health. And when you trade liberty for safety, you end up losing both. Are these not lessons we’ve learnt? Truths we fought so hard for. Vowed to protect forever. At least we have the constitutional court on our side. Lockdown regulations for levels 3 and 4 were declared invalid and unconstitutional.  Our Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng says the lockdown and state of national disaster implemented to curb the spread of the coronavirus cannot function above the Constitution. News24 reports that he encouraged citizens to challenge government decisions they deem to be infringing their rights: “Even a constitutionalist function[ing] state of emergency is subject to constitutional review. The courts have a final say on the validity or otherwise on measures taken in a state of emergency. Our constitutional rights are crucial and there can never be a situation [where] any of us are not subject to constitutional review,” he said. Please see the full article here: https://www.news24.com/SouthAfrica/News/coronavirus-i-amdeeply-worried-about-impact-of-covid-19-on-sa-chief-justice-mogoeng-20200524

And are we being fed propaganda and lies?  In your address to the World Health Assembly, president Ramaphosa, you stated, and I quote, that we are in the “most serious public health emergency our world has seen in the last 100 years” – and yet we know that this is not the case. Groups like PANDA – a collective of leading South African actuaries, economists, mathematicians, medical professionals, lawyers and businesspeople – amongst many other international leaders, are giving the real facts based on real statistics. In fact they wrote you an open letter on the 2 June 2020 requesting that you move the lockdown to level 1 with immediate effect based on the true statistics, and the landslide of economic recession resulting from this lockdown.  There is no doubt that we are in a worsening crisis – I am not questioning that there is a health crisis, but the real crisis at hand is that we are seeing our economy crash, poverty, hunger and homelessness soar, schools close down for good, massive increases in the physical abuse of women and children (the Teddy Bear Clinic for Abused Children is overwhelmed), depression and suicide rates sky rocket, relationships break down due to the strain of the lockdown, increasing numbers of beggars at every intersection, and so much more.

Please find the latest PANDA report attached here to this letter, or visit their website here to see this open letter to our president, and the one following, written on the 10 June 2020 to Professor Juliet Puliam of the South African Centre for Epidemiological Modelling and Analysis (SACEMA), in which they state:  “The disclaimer SACEMA presents on their website is telling, we ask quite simply, if you tacitly acknowledged the inaccuracy of the models, why were you not more strident in making the Public and the Government aware of your reservations in this regard. In turning your back on your models, you offer no explanation for why they were so wrong. SACEMA seems to treat this as some kind of academic hypothetical where errors have no consequence and where under-estimating fatalities is the only error that must be avoided. Nearly 80 days into a lockdown that was justified using the models you no longer support; you now claim to be part of a team working on another model that is in progress. A glance at the Ministry of Health slide decks indicates quite clearly that your consortium is still relying on Chinese data emanating in March 2020.”

So why are PANDA taking her to task? Because the forecast that the South African Centre for Epidemiological Modelling and Analysis (SACEMA) presented us with to motivate for lockdown was that an approximate 375 000 South Africans would die of Covid-19 in just a few months. This has very quietly been amended to 40 000 – without changing any of the lockdown rules and regulations! PANDA challenge this figure too. Some of the most credible actuaries (with nothing to gain from this work) forecast a death rate closer to 4 000 people (as their extreme worst case forecast). As of today, 16 June 2020 it stands at 1568 – according to the Department of Health on www.sacoronavirus.co.za. So we still have a long way to get to 4000 deaths. Does this death rate justify a lock down? I’m not going to answer this for any of you. Do the research yourselves. Look at Panda’s website, check their credentials, read their latest forecast, and listen to Nick Hudson of PANDA being interviewed here speaking about the “breath-taking failure” by scaremongering Covid-19 modellers. They cannot understand how the original forecast figure was ever reached and SACEMA and the government are not answering their questions.

In addition, in your weekly newsletter on 18 May 2020, President Ramaphosa you acknowledged that as citizens we do not have to accept the regulations imposed on us by government, as our rights are enshrined in the constitution. You, our president, stated: “While we would prefer to avoid the need for any legal action against government, we should accept that citizens who are unhappy with whatever action that government has decided on implementing have a right to approach our courts for any form of relief they seek. This is a normal tenet of a constitutional democracy and a perfectly acceptable practice in a country founded on the rule of law.” You go on to say: “The exercise of the fundamental freedoms of expression, association and speech is a barometer of the good health of our democracy. But much more than that, these rights are essential to the success of our national and collective struggle to overcome the coronavirus.” Please see the president’s newsletter here: https://mailchi.mp/presidency.gov.za/president-desk- 18may20

And so Mr De Beer did take a case to the Constitutional Court. The case of De Beer and Liberty Fighters Network vs The Minister of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs – COTGA. And on the 2 June 2020 he won his case against CODGA. Their regulations were declared unconstitutional and invalid. And the Minister of COTGA was ordered to pay costs. Honourable Judge Davis began his judgement address in this way: “I deem it appropriate to commence this judgement with the following quotation from the “Day of Affirmation Address” by US Attorney-General Robert F Kennedy on 6 June 1966 at the University of Cape Town” (during his unauthorised state visit to South Africa during the depth of Apartheid):

“The essential humanity of man can be protected and preserved only where the government must answer – not just to the wealthy; not just to those of a particular religion, not just to those of a particular race, but to all of the people. And even a government by the consent of the governed, as in our Constitution, must be limited in it’s power to act against its people: so that there may be no interference with the right to worship, but also no interference with the security of the home; no arbitrary imposition of pains or penalties on an ordinary citizen by officials high or low; no restriction on the freedom of men to seek education, or to seek work opportunity of any kind, so that each man may become all that he is capable of becoming”.

Even Professor Thuli Madonsela, our previous Public Protector, wrote you an open letter on 4 June 2020. Please find a link to it here.  She challenges you on the lockdown extension. She speaks for the people. She begs you, our President, to “save the people from avoidable pain but also to preserve democracy.” She too draws parallels with Apartheid draconian rules.

And so who, Mr Ramaphosa, is advising you that this is the “most serious public health emergency our world has seen in the last 100 years”? Is it the World Health Organisation? They are, after all, the organisation that declared this a pandemic on 11 March 2020. In your address to the World Health Assembly, which is quoted above, and can be viewed at this video link here, you mention that the poor suffer the most. You say that the social distancing, hygiene and other protocols recommended by the WHO must become part of our everyday lives. In your address you affirmed Africa’s full support for the WHO, your commitment to assist the WHO initiatives, and you confirmed that South Africa is participating in a number of research initiatives. You say we must press ahead to, and I quote, “make universal healthcare a reality for all the people of the world. No one must be left behind.”

Mr President, be honest with us for a moment. Were those your words? Is that your truth? Please don’t let this be yet another state capture. We have had our fair share of those. Because when I hear those words I know I have read them before. On the World Health Organisation Immunisation Agenda 2030: A  Global Strategy to Leave No One Behind as it says on their website linked here. “Immunisation Agenda 2030 envisions a world where everyone, everywhere, at every age, fully benefits from vaccines to improve health and well-being.” This will be done in partnership with ID2020 (www.id2020.org) where we will always carry our digital ID on us – a microchip implanted under our skin, reflecting who we are, becoming our “passport, keys and wallet”, oh and reflecting our vaccination status, among many other things. It all sounds cool and exciting on this Dr Oz show broadcast, but again we’ve seen this movie before – the dangers of the dompas, being forced to carry pass books, control, constant monitoring – again it doesn’t have a good ending.

So we must trust the WHO is a philanthropic association. A non-profit organisation. Who have our best health interests at heart. With no conflict of interest. So let’s look more closely at them. As they say on their website “WHO, as the directing and coordinating authority on international health within the United Nations system, adheres to the UN values of integrity, professionalism and respect for diversity.” Also, on their website we can access their financial reports, as seen here. And if you look at this documentVoluntary Contributions to the WHO for the year ending December 2018 – we see on page 6 that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation donated over $99 million dollars to the WHO that year, second only to the GAVI Alliance donation of $140 million, and these two donations are significantly more than any other donations listed. I’ll let you look into the GAVI Alliance – a Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization, but in short, as stated and referenced on Wikipedia, “GAVI’s approach to public health has been described as BUSINESS-ORIENTATED and TECHNOLOGY-FOCUSED, using market-oriented measures, and seeking quantifiable results. This model, termed the “Gates approach” or US-type approach, GAVI is taken to exemplify.[12][8] It contrasts with the approach typified by the Alma Ata Declaration, which focuses on the effects of political, social, and cultural systems on health.” So again we see Agenda 2030, and ID 2020 coming through in GAVI’s agenda and plans.

So when we follow the WHO, and adopt it’s measures blindly, we are fully trusting that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the GAVI Alliance really has Africa’s best interests at heart. That there is no conflict of interest. That the drive and focus is indeed health. That it’s not financial. And yet, in this interview done by CNBC’s Becky Quick at Davos 2020 just 3 months ago, Bill Gates proudly tells us all that his return on his $10billion vaccine investment has been 20:1. Yes. You heard that right. And Becky Quick couldn’t believe it either, so she clarified it. For every $1 he has invested in vaccines he gets back $20. Please watch the interview on CNBC’s website here. How can that be? On the CDC website we can see a current price list for vaccines, updated on June 1, 2020. The prices range between $18 for an adult flu vaccine (CDC cost/dose) or $23 (private sector cost/dose), close to R400, to Gardasil, the HPV vaccine, coming in at $187 (CDC cost/dose) to $228 (private sector cost/dose). That’s a huge R4760 PER HPV VACCINE ISSUSED!!! You can have a look at this price list on the Centre for Disease Control website here.

And what about the liability? What if things go wrong? Not everything works exactly the same for everyone. Well that’s where the state steps in. The National Vaccine Injury Compensation Programme is set up by government to compensate for PROVEN vaccine injury. So pharmaceutical companies make the money by developing and selling the vaccines, and government picks up any risk by providing the fund, with tax payer money, which will pay out for injury resulting from vaccines. As of January 2019, over $4 billion dollars has been paid out for proven vaccine injuries and death. So it’s a wonderful business model for Mr Gates and his $10billion investment – all the reward and none of the risk. There are not many industries that work like that. Certainly not mine as a health professional. I have to pay extensive liability insurance in case there is a malpractice claim against me. And, so do all practicing doctors and specialists – it’s often an amount so high it can cripple a practice. And so, the WHO may not be as benevolent and philanthropic as we’d like to believe, and this may be why Mr Trump immediately halted US funding of the WHO on 15 April 2020 pending a full investigation.

And is what the WHO advising us actually “sound medical advice”? Is it proven scientific and medical practice? Is it best practice? They have been telling us to wear a mask when out. And yet just last week, as this CNN article reflects, the “WHO stands by recommendation to not wear masks if you are not sick or not caring for someone who is sick”. “There is no specific evidence to suggest that the wearing of masks by the mass population has any potential benefit. In fact, there’s some evidence to suggest the opposite in the misuse of wearing a mask properly or fitting it properly,” Dr. Mike Ryan, executive director of the WHO health emergencies program, said at a media briefing in Geneva, Switzerland, last Monday. And Dr Maria Van Kerkhove, head of WHO emerging diseases, said that asymptomatic spread is very rare. But the very next day, Dr Van Kerkhove walked back on that statement, and said that asymptomatic spread is not as rare as she had stated the day before. As a result of this, and many other contrasting and concerning statements, and poor evidence for recommended measures by the WHO, medical practitioners like Dr Marc Siegel are asking publicly “How can we trust the WHO at all?”

And he’s not alone. Irish Professor Dolores J Cahill, who has a degree in Molecular Genetics, and a PhD in Immunology is so outraged by the measures being recommended that she is challenging the Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar, himself a physician, to reveal his scientific and medical advisors. She would like them to be publicly revealed, and to have an open debate with them on national television as to the methods they are advising – methods like masks, social distancing and over sanitisation. She says that there is NO medical or scientific backing for these measures and that they will, in fact, make people worse in due course. She wants the Irish Prime Minister and his team of advisors to be held PERSONALLY responsible for deaths and injury resulting from these measures, and their long term consequences. She is not afraid to take it as far as to say that these can easily and quickly become crimes against humanity, and there needs to be legal consequences for people advising our governments, and our government leaders, if they have got this wrong. Which she is certain that they have, and she is not afraid to show her evidence and research, and to debate publicly. Much like PANDA is challenging the SACEMA. Watch this interview with her here – and read her astonishing CV and accomplishments here. But you’ll have to use Ecosia or DuckDuckGo as search engines to access the video interview, because Google blocks access.

Now I’m not saying we have to believe her, or Professor Blaylock, another highly respected doctor and neurosurgeon, when he speaks out strongly against prolonged mask usage and says (supplying supporting references) “Newer evidence suggests that in some cases the virus can enter the brain.11,12 In most instances it enters the brain by way of the olfactory nerves (smell nerves), which connect directly with the area of the brain dealing with recent memory and memory consolidation. By wearing a mask, the exhaled viruses will not be able to escape and will concentrate in the nasal passages, enter the olfactory nerves and travel into the brain.13″Read the full article here.

Nor am I saying we have to believe Dr Erikson and Dr Massihi who spoke out as medical professionals and immunologists in a press briefing which had more than 4.3 million views – before it was taken down by YouTube, without explanation.  You can access it here on an alternate site. Or Dr Zach Bush, a physician specialising in internal medicine, endocrinology and hospice care. He is an internationally recognised educator and thought leaders on the microbiome as it relates to health, disease and food systems. The same microbiome we are eradicating with our intense over sanitisation methods. He has done incredible research into viruses, and especially the link of viral proliferation in areas of high pollution levels and high levels of carbon dioxide – something that also happens more in winter as trees lose their leaves and don’t absorb as much carbon dioxide. You can learn more about this here but again don’t use google to do so. Perhaps it’s because Google’s parent company Alphabet has it’s own ambitious healthcare projects, including investing in “next-generation” vaccines. Yes I know it’s a lot, but we have to continually ask “why?”

We don’t need to believe Dr Ben Lynch – widely considered by the medical community to be the authority on gene variations. Or any of the doctors, health professionals, researchers, scientists and specialists speaking out on the Questioning Covid website. Yes you heard that right. There is a website called Questioning Covid. These are experts, doctors, scientists, thought leaders, actuaries, statisticians and more who state “We believe that citizens should be free to exercise their natural right to practice medicine as they see fit – in retention both of bodily sovereignty and civil liberties. To that end, we orient ourselves around the foundational premises that the body is inherently wise, that symptoms are meaningful, and that radical healing is eminently possible when we align with the earth and honour our place in the natural world.” And as active and engaged, questioning citizens searching for truth, we should be reading it – critically searching for the truth.

I’m not saying we should believe any of these specialists but I am saying that there should be transparency. We should be told who the specialists are who are advising the WHO and our government. We should know their names. What are their credentials? Where is their research? We should know that there is consequence, liability and responsibility for them in the measures that they recommend. Their research should be shown. There should be open debate. These doctors, scientists and specialists speaking out have nothing to gain, no conflict of interest, except that their reputation is very quickly tarnished and questioned. Their interviews are taken down. They are dismissed and gagged. I cannot post their interviews on Facebook because the Facebook “independent fact-checkers” say that their information is false. Who are their Facebook fact checkers? And what research and tools are they using to fact check? Where is the transparency? Or is it censorship? Again, where have we seen this movie before? Have a look at my “fact checked” Facebook post here. Perhaps it’s because of the $3billion initiative Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan have invested in to ‘cure all diseases’?

But one thing that we do know is that Mr Gates and his Foundation, as well as the WHO have a great conflict of interest. For if a vaccine was “discovered” and every single person in the world had to have it – remember the Agenda 2030 mandate which you quoted Mr Ramaphosa “make universal healthcare a reality for all the people of the world. No one must be left behind”. Well, imagine if that vaccine cost government and individuals $100, or R1728, per vaccine (a very average estimate based on the costs of vaccines reflected on the CDC website here. Based on the Worldometer information there are 7,7 billion people in the world. So the vaccine manufacturer would stand to make $770 billion dollars or R13 trillion rand. That is a lot of money. With NO liability or risk. So it may be tempting to rush the vaccine. We must insist on gold standard measures of research quality – Randomised Controlled Trials (RCTs) which are independent, double blind studies – these have not often been done on vaccines to date. Why these? Because as many sources of bias as possible are removed from the process. Basically, scientific errors of the past have taught us where we can go wrong, drawing false conclusions from our research. RCTs are designed to eliminate these major errors. It goes without saying that these trials should be done by groups with no financial interest or potential gain, and yet this is not the case. The trials are conducted by the pharmaceutical companies themselves, with everything to gain and no liability. It is a very, very, dangerous situation. This is not about whether vaccines work, or if we should have them. Not at all. It’s about the safety procedures when developing and testing them, and that there should be no conflict of interest, or personal gain, by the individuals or groups performing the testing.

And so, Mr Ramaphosa, when you say in your address to the World Health Assembly that South Africa is participating in a number of research initiatives, I wonder what those are? And I ask you to be honest with me and the people of South Africa. Is it microchipping technology? Because 10 000 people have already been microchipped, as explained here. Or is it vaccine trials? Because those have already begun somewhere. Is it here? Mr Gates’ Institute, the Pirbright Institute, for preventing and controlling viral diseases, has already patented a vaccine for the coronavirus – the patent was granted on 20 November 2018. Find the approved patent attached here by on Google Patents. And who knows where the vaccine is being tested? But I sincerely hope it’s not what you are referring to, and that it’s not being tested here. The people of South Africa have been through enough.

And so, to conclude, as our brilliant Thuli Madonsela says plainly in her letter to Mr Ramaphosa on the 4 June 2020, “People’s resistance to colonial and apartheid laws has taught me that when the law is unjust, violating it is not only justified as legitimate; it is exalted as heroic.”

 So, as Heads of Schools, captains of industry, coffee shops owners, hairdressers, informal sector vendors, taxi drivers, small business owners, parents, teachers, learners, and everyone in between, I implore you to DO YOUR RESEARCH. While we are busy trying to stay alive, to keep our schools and businesses open and afloat, while we are making sure we have done everything on the checklist so we can reopen, and we won’t get into trouble. While our heads are turned, and we’re looking the other way, our rights are being infringed. And we’re being advised in methods that are not only ineffective but dangerous, toxic to our bodies, with many severe and serious long term ramifications. And there is no transparency. No accountability. Where is the truth? As I’ve said many times before, and I’ll say it again, “we’ve seen this movie before and it doesn’t have a happy ending”.

Today, the 16th June 2020, marks the 44th anniversary of the Soweto Youth Uprising. The uprising that began in Soweto and spread countrywide, profoundly changing the socio-political landscape in South Africa. On 16 June 1976 between 3000 and 10 000 students mobilized by the South African Students Movement‘s Action Committee, supported by the Black Consciousness Movement, marched peacefully to demonstrate, and protest, against the government’s directive. The march was meant to culminate at a rally in Orlando Stadium.

On their route they were met by heavily armed police, who fired teargas, and later live ammunition, on demonstrating students. This resulted in a widespread revolt that turned into an uprising against the government. While the uprising began in Soweto, it spread across the country, and carried on until the following year.

The aftermath of the events of June 16 1976 had dire consequences for the Apartheid government. Images of the police firing on peacefully demonstrating students led an international revulsion against South Africa, as its brutality was exposed. You can read more about this day and subsequent uprising here on sahistory.org.za. It was our children and learners who were most affected by this brutality. Defenceless and without voice.

And it is our children who are most affected yet again – sitting in classrooms for hours with masks on, cleaning hands frequently during the day with very strong alcohol based sanitisers, which have been shown to be neither safe nor effective. In fact they have been shown to be toxic and dangerous – I have done my research, and there are links and supporting evidence, and research for all these statements on my website and social media posts. I certainly don’t expect you to take my word for it. Do your own research.

Children are going to bed hungry and scared because their parents have no work. Losing out on education because schools are closed, or there is no money for data. And yet time and again, and on a global stage, backed by data and research, children have been shown to be low spreaders and very mildly affected if they do catch corona virus. So why was R280million spent preparing Western Cape schools for big reopening amid Covid-19 as this recent headline tells us? On masks, non-contact digital thermometers, millions of litres of hand sanitisers, liquid soap, disinfectant and bleach? Professor McCulloch, president of the South African Paediatric Association, spoke about how SAPA had looked at the evidence from around the world concerning children and the virus. “The good news is that children are less likely to get sick if infected and are probably less infectious than adults”, she says. So why are we doing it? Why aren’t we using this R280million to put in running water and flushing toilets into schools? To provide textbooks and data? To provide healthy food parcels and supplements? To provide health and wellness education? Nutritonal and dietary advice? Surely these will all help our schools, and our children, more long term. These measures will profoundly uplift their lives. Instead we opt for masks, sanitisers, perspex cages, thermometers for a population that is hardly affected. Have we all gone mad? What is really going on here?

And so today on 16th June 2020, I am asking you to question. To assess. And to stand up for what is right. However that may look. Whatever your research reveals. But we cannot allow crimes against humanity to perpetuate while our heads are turned, while our gazes are diverted. We cannot let this EVER happen again. Together we can find strength, and power, and truth. And remember what Thuli Madonsela said in her letter to our president, on the 4 June 2020:

“People’s resistance to colonial and apartheid laws has taught me that when the law is unjust, violating it is not only justified as legitimate; it is exalted as heroic.”

May God bless Africa,

Guard her people,

Guide her leaders,

And give her peace

Nicola Aylward

All links and references stated here can be found on my website www.nicolaaylward.com – “Letter to the People of South Africa on Youth Day, 16 June 2020”

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