A Letter to the Women of the World

Dear woman of the world

Make yourself a cup of tea. Find yourself a sunny spot. Put down your worries and your fears for just this moment. Let the world carry on without you for the next 10 minutes. Press play …

Live Awake – A Letter to the Women of this World by Sarah Blondin

“Dear women of the world – let me remind you of the ocean of strength that lives within you. Rest a while and listen as I tell you of the great powers resting there on your hips, on your breast, in the fibers that twist and twine within your flesh, of the greatness you possess in which I think you need to be reminded …” Sarah Blondin 

The Feminine is rising. Can you feel it? In all the pain and crisis of this time, this month, this week and this day? I have no words for the deep pain and wounding. I feel it aching in my body. As many of you know, I teach a course called Feminine Wisdom. It is my gift to the world. In it, we explore masculine and feminine energy, the yang and the yin. We all have both within us – men and women. There is no “right or wrong”, “good or bad”. But there must be balance of both – in each of us, men and women, and in the world. And the world, and the earth, can only really flourish if this is the case. But they haven’t been in balance. For the last few thousand years, our world has been dominated by masculine energy – outward energy – extrovert, conquer, dominate. The external – physical, material, financial worlds. Seeking power. We’ve seen a lot of this. And this movie is still playing out in our time of corona crisis. There are huge power plays at hand. In Chinese medicine, the Yin and Yang represent the feminine and masculine, and the YinYang symbol reflects them, and the importance for them to be in balance and integrated. The masculine energy, or yang, is represented by the white, the light. The feminine, yin energy is represented by the dark. It’s the inner, the feeling, the emotion, the energy within that leads to an opening. Makes me think of birth.

So over thousands of years we’ve seen an overemphasis on the masculine energy of extroverted, materialistic conquering, and now we are seeing the results – domination, dominance, suppression. And what has been suppressed? The Yin. The dark – dark skin, dark colour. The feminine – women, children, Mother Earth. We have paedophiles, the sex trade, a polluted and abused earth. Even in our own physical bodies – the proliferation of disease and particularly in the first (or root)  and second (sacral) chakras. The root chakra provides the foundation on which we build our life. It is related to our feelings of safety and security, whether it’s physical, or regarding our bodily needs, or metaphorical, regarding housing and financial safety. We’re certainly experiencing a lack of safety and security now. And root chakra issues are reflected as excessive negativity and cynicism, eating disorders, greed, avarice, feelings of insecurity and living in survival mode, constipation and bladder issues. Sound familiar?

Also we are seeing a proliferation of disease in the second chakra, or sacral chakra. This is where money, sex and power reside. Amazing that they are so interconnected, isn’t it? Again this is where the battles are playing out on a very open and visible world stage – who holds the money? Who holds the power? And there is a lot of terrible sexual abuse and paedophilia crimes coming to the fore at the moment. And some of our most powerful, wealthy and prominent “heroes” are hugely implicated. I feel sick to my core. I want to vomit. As my eyes have been opened to what is really going on. Following the money trails. Following the power trails. Following the sex and paedophilia scandals. Who really is gaining in this crisis? Do your homework. Connect the dots. It’s all there. But you may have to change search engine. You won’t find it on Google. Try Ecosia or Duck Duck Go. There is too much to go into here – I’ll do a post at another time –  but do your own research. Search “natural health remedies for …” on both platforms, and note the differences of what is “fed” to you. I’m not going to do your homework for you. It’s time for us all to become empowered, and to start seeing what’s really going on.

The second, or sacral chakra, is associated with the sensuality and sex – healthy expression, repression, oppression, trauma. It’s also associated with our emotional world and creativity. And it sits in our lower abdomen.  All our sexual organs reside there – our genitalia, our uterus, ovaries, men’s prostate. And are we not seeing a proliferation of women’s health conditions? Endometriosis. Polycystic ovaries. Painful and heavy menstruation. And for men and women – urinary and prostate issues. Bladder cancer. I’m actually hosting a class today on women’s health, and essential oils – how we can use these powerful plants to help to heal our bodies in incredible ways. I’ve done a lot of research – research articles, studies, aromatherapeutic properties, as well as personal testimonials, and I have been astounded and excited. I hope you will join us. It’s at 3.30pm today, Saturday 6 June 2020. I’ve posted the invitation and THIS IS THE ZOOM LINK. It’s a free class.

The other chakra that’s coming up at the moment is our fifth, or throat chakra – breath, expression, communication. A global crisis of breath. “I can’t breathe” in Minnesota, which has left us all feeling like we can’t breathe. I did a Mindful Moment on our breath on Tuesday. It offers us a good opportunity to ground, to go inwards, to connect with our vital breath. To connect with our feminine energy. I offer it to you here – you can watch the ZOOM or just listen to the audio. May it be a blessing to you at this time.

I also did a Mindful Minute for Pippa Hudson on CapeTalk radio yesterday. Pippa has been offering a Minute of Mindfulness on her show every day, presented by various mindfulness teachers and practitioners. Look them up on her podcasts. Mine is not up quite yet, but this is the longer version (6 minutes), and this is slightly shorter (3 minutes) – listen to them with your children and loved ones. We all need to have a chance to ground and to find our center, our calm, our strength, and our resilience at times like these. Mindfulness helps us to do this. I also did an extended version of this meditation with the Roedean and St Katharine’s girls yesterday, and asked them afterwards to draw a picture of the mountain that they saw in their mind’s eye, so that they can put it next to their bed, or on their wall, and they know that they can return to it at any time. It is very empowering for children to have a tool like this.

And so I wish you a beautiful and blessed weekend. Listen to Sarah Blondin’s “letter to women of the world” – over and over. You can find her free meditations on Insight Timer. Join me for our Women’s Health Class. And follow pure_republiq (on a journey trying to remember what our souls already know) on Insta – Tertia, who made this beautiful visual, is about to post a series on chakras. Oh, and please follow me too, mindfulhealthandwellness on Insta, and FB, Nicola Aylward and Nicola Aylward @mindfulhealthandwellness

Yours in health


PS – here is the Women’s Health Class Zoom link again

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