Nicola Aylward

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It’s been my winter and I’m Stepping into Spring! I hope you’ll step with me!

When I last wrote earlier this year in May, I wrote about having “been in my winter” – my time of darkness, of heaviness and of retreating from the world. When you’re in winter it feels hard and like there is no end in sight. Sometimes we feel stuck in winter “forever”. That’s how I felt. But I’m learning to understand that this is a feeling. It’s a very real feeling but feelings are just that – feelings. They are not the truth. Continue reading


We got Covid. Just last week. And it was very unexpected. One wonders how it can be unexpected in a time when it’s all around us and it’s on everyone’s lips and constantly in our thoughts. But we thought we’d had it when we went skiing in France in January 2020– we returned full of flu – so much so that our children missed their first 3 days of school. And we went to our GP for help. Continue reading

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