It’s been a year …

It has been a year since South Africa and the world went into lockdown.

A year ago I wrote the blog The Power of Stepping Away. I feel the same today, and these are the practices that our family use to stay sane and well at this time. This time last year was a very scary time. We were uncertain of what was to come. The forecast by SACEMA was that approximately 375 000 people would die in a few months in South Africa. At the moment we stand at 51 421 in over a year. What have we learnt? How have we handled this? Is it all that we’ve been told it is? Very importantly- how have our freedoms been curtailed in the name of health and safety? Many people think so. I recommend reading this powerful and insightful Valedictory speech by headmaster Jan H. de Waal to Wynberg Boys High School in October 2020 and listening to Dr Anne McCloskey of Ireland. This Saturday there is a World Wide Demonstration for Freedom, Peace and Human Rights happening in most of the major cities in the world.

I will not be there. I will be on retreat. It is the final retreat of the Institute of Mindfulness in South Africa post graduate certification programme that I am completing this year. I have really enjoyed this course and have found my voice as a mindfulness practitioner and teacher. Every Tuesday morning at 7am I host a Mindful Moment on zoom (this is the link for the zoom call) for anyone who would like to join. I’ve loved leading these sessions and have loved the community that has arisen from it. Please join us if you’d like to. The sessions are free, and I post a recording each week to my website. If you’d like to try a session please listen to one from the Mindful Moment page on my website – trust that the one you have chosen has the support that you need for today.

I reflect on the blogs and letters I wrote last year, and my concerns stay the same. Our masks, sanitisers and social distancing are crutches that should be used for a short time to help us get through this time. They cannot become our normal. If they do, they will ultimately erode our immune systems, our health and our strength – like staying in crutches for too long will do too. We must empower ourselves and uplift our own and our planet’s health by becoming conscious of how we are nourishing our bodies – physically, emotionally and spiritually. It feels like a big mountain but it can start with small daily practices. Please read my blogs ‘We were made for times like these’ and ‘How to be Well’, as well as ‘My Toolkit for Survival’ if you’re needing simple, accessible tips on everything from fresh air and food, to supplement suggestions to keep us well at this time.

I have continued to read and research extensively (using search engine DuckDuckGo) and have also researched the experimental vaccines which are being rolled out at the moment. The trials of these only end in 2023 so if you decide to have the vaccine, please know that you are part of the trial. This is a different vaccine to ones we have seen before – it is an mRNA vaccine which means that it can alter our genetic coding. We, like our food, are being genetically modified. There is too much to discuss here but please do your research, as never before has a vaccine been developed in just 7 months (it’s usually 7-12 years), never before has there been an mRNA vaccine, and never before has it not undergone rigorous animal trials. Vaccine manufacturers have no liability.  The US government has a fund for paying out for proven vaccine injuries (there are many as reported on Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System – already thousands for these vaccines including many unexpected deaths) but I’m not even sure if South Africa has such a fund. I have found no evidence of one.

I have many resources to share but you can start by listening to award-winning virologist, Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi here on why the rushed vaccine trials represent the world’s largest medical experiment perpetrated on the globe in human history. You can learn about the truth behind the vaccine trials here with Robert F. Kennedy, and you can listen to Geert Vanden Bossche PhD, DVM who is an internationally recognised expert in vaccine development. He has acted as global director of a number of vaccine programs around the world, including for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. If correct, his explanation of ‘Immune Escape’ due to the vaccine predicts much larger waves of COVID-19 including in younger, previously resistant people. This is something we cannot take lightly. When experts of this calibre are speaking out and warning us, we must listen and assess what they are saying.

Finally, something that is of great concern to me is that even a year ago we could never have imagined that our children would return to “normal” and sit in their classrooms for the whole day wearing masks. And children in boarding school are wearing their masks up to 15 hours a day. It was inconceivable then as this was not general medical practice or advice, and there was no sound science or research to back such drastic measures as policy. But here we are nearly a year down the line, and it is our reality. We can sit in restaurants and coffee shops with our masks down, yet our children can’t take down their masks at their desks.

The science and research still does not support that prolonged mask usage as we are seeing in the schools and certain work environments is either a) effective or b) safe. I have continued to research this thoroughly. I have been to see the heads of our children’s schools in the past weeks, and have followed up my visit with the letter attached. I urge you to do the same. Do not feel that you are not qualified enough or can’t speak out. There are wonderful resources and references linked in this letter. My suggestion is that we start conversations both with school leaders and with other parents. We need to educate ourselves and each other on the science and research so that we feel less scared and rather empowered to speak up.

And if you have been told that “The quality of air through a mask is healthy and acceptable and there should be no concern in this regard”, as many of the school Heads have been told, then please take 5 minutes to watch this video released on 8 March 2021

Our children are far too precious for our silence. 

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