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This page is a resource centre where you can gather information about feminine health practitioners, websites to bookmark and a host of others.

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Women’s Health Practitioners

feminine health practitioners

Functional Medicine/ Women’s Health doctor:

  • Nicci Lefson - 53 Kent Rd, Dunkeld, Randburg, 2196; phone: +27 82 881 7331
    Nicci is a Clinical Psychologist and Functional Medicine and Wellness Practitioner and has spent more than two decades in private practice, helping children, adolescents and adults find their place in the world. She is actively involved in school groups and has assisted in the establishment of a community counselling centre. One of her passions is helping people deal with loss. She sees kids (including under 5s), teens and adults; she also does parenting work. She works in Dunkeld but does ZOOM consults too.
  • Claudi Slattery - Our Perfect Bodies; phone: +27 82 596 3147
    Claudia works with women on a journey to discovering their bodies. She teaches you how to listen to your body, she charts you through your menstrual cycle and guides young women to understand their menstural cycle etc. She works with teenagers all the way to women entering menopause.
    Women who are taking part in the Feminine Widsom Course (Feminine-Wisdom-Course) will get a 10% discount!
  • Pascale Schroenn - phone: +27 83 265 7977; e-mail:
    Over the past 20 or more years, Pascale has been discovering how to navigate her life through joy and learning how to evolve from her small self into her big self, her Divine self. She believes we are such magnificent beings and yet we live so much of our lives contained; contained by the lens through which we view life, by our unconscious patterns and behaviours, by other people’s ideas of how we should be living, by our fears - by our small self - the one that keep us from living our biggest, most expanded and joyful lives. One of the most powerful tools she discovered to guide us in stepping out of this containment is the Enneagram. “The Enneagram, much more than just a personality profile that tells us how we might behave, highlights the underlying motivations, defence mechanisms, and fears buried in the unconscious layers of the psyche. It reveals the why behind the what of our thinking, feeling and actions... .” If you would like to find out more about how the Enneagram works, contact Pascale.
  • Maryann Franke - Choices Holistic Healing; phone: +72 83 250 7312
    Maryann is a Biochemic Therapist who utilises Tissue Salts to restore balance in our bodies.  Minerals that are essential for the proper functioning of cells in our bodies are often found to be deficient in some way as we are sometimes unable to obtain the necessary minerals from the food that we eat, and the stresses of our lifestyles also have the effect of depleting minerals. Restoring mineral balance to the cells enables our bodies to function optimally and to restore health.  Tissue salts can safely be utilised by babies, children, adults, pregnant ladies, and even animals.  Consultations can be done in person or on Zoom.  Please visit her website for further information.
  • Carike Laroque - phone: +72 83 278 7708; e-mail:
    Carike is an internationally recognised Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN) Health Coach and Bach Flower Remedy Practitioner, who offers Bach consultations for the balancing of negative and extreme emotions, moods and personality traits. The Bach remedies help us cope with everyday stresses and strains and with continued use of the remedies, they also guide us towards finding our true purpose and potential. They are gentle yet profound in their working. Carike conducts confidential client interviews online via Zoom or by phone. She is mainly concentrating on supporting people with emotional stress and anxiety at the moment. We all need balance in our lives to function optimally and harmoniously. We need balance between our minds, our bodies and our souls. Imbalance, if left long enough will manifest itself in poor life style choices, which will lead to stresses, pressures and eventually ill health, inflammation and disease.

Women’s health physios:

  • Shirin Motala -  51 Houghton Drive, Houghton Estate, Johannesburg, Gauteng 2196, South Africa; phone: +27 72 157 1731, e-mail:
  • Candace Jane Langford - Nurture Pelvic Health
    Candace is a qualified Physiotherapist with a special interest in Pelvic and Sexual Health and an overall passion for Sexual Health Education. She created the Nurture platform (nurtureyourvagina)  with an intention to empower followers through education whilst starting important conversations and breaking down the so-called ‘taboo’ in the pelvic health and sexual health world. Her latest course “Pain to Pleasure”, designed for individuals with vaginismus or experiencing painful penetration is finally here! The discount code for women doing the Feminine Wisdom Course is wisdom-p15.
  • Kirsty Nel - 204 Oxford road Illovo, Johannesburg; phone: +72 82 411 4026; @Kirsty Nel
    Kirsty is a pelvic floor physiotherapist practicing in Joburg. Her special interest in Women’s Health stems from not only being firstly a woman and mother myself but also from a passion for empowering women about their amazing bodies and how it works in harmony with the surrounding environment. Her work focuses specifically on the unique health issues that women face and aims to help women heal as a whole being mentally and physically.
  • Carren Hughes - +27 82 327 0266 (Riverclub)
  • Hester van Aswegen - +27 82 786 5017 (Donald Gordon)
  • Marianne Mundell - +27 82 338 1939 (Forest Town)


  • Dr Sumayya Ebrahim -
    1st floor, Jacaranda House, The Sanctuary, 51 Houghton Drive, Houghton 2041, Johannesburg, South Africa - phone:+27 11 483 1424, e-mail:
  • Dr Elna Rudolph @MySexualHealth in Bryanston
  • Dr Lusanda Shimange-Matsose @ MyFirstGynae in Sandton Mediclinic, Cnr Peter Place/Main Road, Bryanston, phone: +27 11 709 2149, e-mail:
    Lusanda considers herself a foundational gynaecologist, a focus on building blocks of the gynae-patient relationship. The body and mind of a young girl is completely different to that of a more mature woman and that needs special attention. Through her company MyFirstGynae, she deals with those differences, the specific needs and fundamental elements of a young woman’s gynae relationship.


  • Ellen Durrant (Kahuna massage - Linden) - phone: +27 83 982 2716


  • Dr Ella Jardine (Parkview) - +27 82 469 5655

Community Loves

Community Loves

People and Products we love

Yoni Eggs -

Sangoza Handmade - +27 72 587 3773 or - sangoza handmade 
Sangoza has started making personalized Dummy Clips, Teething Rings, Breastfeeding Necklaces and Bag Tags with wooden beads Made in Germany. She has increased her  portfolio and now also makes bracelets (e. g. the Red Thread Bracelet with Tree of Life-Bead), Baby Pants and Toys as well as home accessories and eco-friendly kitchen helper - sort of Beeswax Wraps, Hemp or Cotton Dishcloths and more;

Merle Levin -

Videos we love

Umbilical Cords - A Documentary from Sarah Ping Nie Jones

Amy Cuddy's TED TALK - Your body language may shape who you are

Heather Rader - How to save someone from a pelvic floor muscle attack


Must Read Books

Books to Read

Women’s Bodies Women’s Wisdom – Dr Christiane Northrup

Goddesses Never Age - Dr Christiane Northrup

A Daily Dose of Women's Wisdom - Dr. Christiane Northrup

Making Life Easy - Dr Christiane Northrup

The Secret Pleasures of Menopause - Dr Christiane Northrup

Wisdom of Menopause - Dr Christiane Northrup

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Do Less - Kate Northrup

Mama Gena's School of Womanly Arts - Regena Thomashauer

The Awakened Woman - Dr Terrarai Trent

The Awakened Family -  Dr. Shefali Tsabary

Tissue Salts for Healthy Living - Margaret Roberts

Tissue Salts for Children - Margaret Roberts

Heart Intelligence - Doc Childre, Howard Martin, Deborah Rozman and Rollin McCraty

Heartmath Solution - Doc Childre and Howard Martin

Everyday Blessings - Myla and Jon Kabat-Zinn

Synchro Destiny - Deepak Chopra

Mary Magdalene Revealed - Megan Watterson

One Thousand Gifts - Ann Voskamp

Outrageous Openness - Tosha Silver

The Power of Now - Eckhart Tolle

The Book of Joy - Dalai Lama and Desmond Tutu with Douglas Abrams

Pussy - a reclamation - Regena Thomashauer

The Bathroom Key – Kathryn Kassai, Kim Perelli

WomanCode – Alisa Vitti

Mindful 2.0 - Vikki Kelly

Wild Feminine - Tami Lynn Kent

Before, Forever, After - Helena Dolny

Thrive - Arianna Huffington

Change me Prayers - Tosha Silver

Mindfulness for Creativity - Dr. Danny Penman

Daring Greatly: How the Courage to be Vulnerable Transforms the Way We Live, Love, Parent and Lead - Brene Brown

A Manual for Heartache - Cathy Rentzenbrink

Rushing Women's Syndrome - Dr Libby Weaver

Adrenal Thyroid Revolution – Dr Aviva Romm

40 Beads – Carolyn Evans

Extended Massive Orgasm – Steve and Vera Bodansky

Women’s Anatomy of Arousal – Sheri Winston



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