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Community Loves

People and Products we love

Yoni Eggs -

Sangoza Handmade - +27 72 587 3773 or - sangoza handmade 
Sangoza has started making personalized Dummy Clips, Teething Rings, Breastfeeding Necklaces and Bag Tags with wooden beads Made in Germany. She has increased her  portfolio and now also makes bracelets (e. g. the Red Thread Bracelet with Tree of Life-Bead), Baby Pants and Toys as well as home accessories and eco-friendly kitchen helper - sort of Beeswax Wraps, Hemp or Cotton Dishcloths and more;

Merle Levin -

Videos we love

Umbilical Cords - A Documentary from Sarah Ping Nie Jones

Amy Cuddy's TED TALK - Your body language may shape who you are

Heather Rader - How to save someone from a pelvic floor muscle attack

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