Coming to my senses

We’ve just finished our 4 week Feminine Wisdom course and I am feeling as uplifted, inspired and nourished as the women who attended. I’ve included a few testimonials below to give you a taste of the course. We focus a lot on tools to nourish ourselves on a daily basis. A large part of this is becoming more mindful in our daily life. Instead of rushing through life, barely catching our breath, we learn to pause and to really appreciate the things that are already in front of us, and we allow them to nourish us deeply. We slow down to really savour that cup of coffee – even if it’s just for the first sip – but we really feel the warmth of the mug, we inhale the comforting aroma and we taste the richness of the coffee. We pause as we hug our children – noticing the delight on their faces as we arrive to fetch them, being present to the touch of their bodies against ours, really drinking in the pleasure of the moment. We take ourselves outside at sunset to notice the clouds, the beauty of the changing light, and to feel the cool air on our skin or the grass under our bare feet. In essence we are coming to our senses.

And in doing so we realise how much of life we live half awake. Not really taking in all that surrounds us. Not really grateful for our daily blessings – large and small. Not really present. And yet – THIS IS IT. This is our life. The exciting stuff and the mundane routine. If we don’t stop and savour it now – the beauty and the heartbreak – then when will we? If not now, then when? Will there be another day that is less rushed, when we’ve ticked off our “to-do” list and we can finally allow ourselves to pause and enjoy life and to drink in the pleasure of it? In my experience that day is not coming. As our children get older and are now all at school most of the day, and I supposedly have “more time for me” as I always thought I would, I find that elusive time is taken by work, errands, admin, school commitments, family commitments. I don’t have all that time I thought I’d have.

And so – amidst the school runs, the barrage of meetings, the overwhelming email inbox, and the constantly changing work and school schedules – we consciously have to carve out pauses, moments of pleasure, moments of deep gratitude and appreciation, moments to replenish ourselves, to care for ourselves and to become fully present in our lives as they are right now.

I’m planning another deep dive into this in September with my next Feminine Wisdom course. I will be running 2 courses concurrently – one in the morning and one in the evening as I’ve had requests for both. The information on the course, and the dates and times are below. I’d love you to join me, or send the woman in your life (if you’re a husband or partner) …it will uplift the whole family!

Some comments on the last course
“Such a wonderful gift to myself – feeling uplifted and inspired. Practical and useful tools to help survive daily life…”
“I loved the course. I wasn’t sure what to expect. You covered topics I wasn’t even aware of and love the fact that you are making us ladies powerful!”
“I have been meaning to message you and thank you for the beautiful course. I walked away with a fountain of knowledge and the importance of “ME” which I never had before.”

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