Connecting to Nature

I’ve noticed more and more the restorative and calming power that there is in connecting to nature. I think that’s what we do right when we’re on holiday, and then we let it all go when we settle back into our busy lives. Continue reading


As the weather starts to cool, the mornings are darker and the skies are crisp and clear, signs of autumn are all around. Nature is slowing down; her energy is turning inward – the growing season is over. Continue reading

Breathing a sigh of relief

This time last month we were soaking up the last week of school holidays, life felt measured and calm, and intentions to live a “slower” life seemed possible. A month down the line and many of us are reeling at the pace and intensity of the year, wondering where that calm and slow life has disappeared to, Continue reading

Permission to Pause

Over the last few weeks I’ve been thinking a lot about how we struggle to give ourselves ‘permission to pause’. It’s such a difficult thing to get off the hamster wheel, even for just a few minutes, and to look after ourselves. We feel that we should be constantly busy, constantly productive, constantly achieving, constantly giving. I have even, at times in my life, wished that I could be sick, just so that I could stay in bed and I could tell the world to “go away”! Continue reading

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