My talks cover a lot of inspiring information, ground breaking research and helpful daily tools, but there is still so much more I’d love to talk to you about. My blog allows me to expand on the topics which I touch on in my talks, as well as to explore many other topics as well. I've called my blog Flourish because I truly believe that it’s within all of us to be able to flourish -  to embrace and enjoy our lives and to live lives that are full of vibrant health, joy, gratitude and peace. We can Flourish at any age or stage of life through the conscious choices we make. Even in the difficult times or times of illness and poor health - our greatest challenges often lead to our greatest growth. I hope that my blogs will inspire you to make choices that will help you to flourish too.

Talks & Tool Kits

Talks & Tool Kits

My talks cover the effects of stress and how it impacts our bodies and the way in which we function. (more…)

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